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Boat Rod Holders & Accessories

1 pair Marine Aluminum Snap Lock Rod for Boat, Car, Van
1 pair Marine Aluminum Snap Lock Rod for Boat, Car, Van Suitable for spinning, conventional, and fly rods. Rod can be mounted to hold rods horizontally, vertically, and overhead. Dimensions: Rod holder Inside...

Get more fish with high-quality rod holders

Regardless of whether you are fishing from a kayak, a small rowboat, or a larger boat, rod holders can help you get more fish. Rod holders are the ideal approach to keep your rod far away yet within reach while you row, steer your boat, troll, or set a lure. 

Nove Sea offers a wide selection of rod holders for fresh and saltwater, including fixed and removable models. There are also flush mount and clamp-on options to choose from.

Fixed-mount and removable rod holders

Many heavy-duty rod holders are permanently mounted, as they can be installed in holes provided by the boat designer or bolted to a vertical surface, such as the cabin sides. In the event that your boat is not designed for permanently mounted rod holders, we recommend removable rod holders that slide into small, vertically mounted brackets. This setup allows you to quickly and effectively attach or remove the holder when not in use.

Flush-mount and swivel rod holders

Flush-mounted rod holders, which hold rods up or at a fixed 30-degree angle, are normally inserted into existing holes in the gunwale. High-quality chrome or stainless steel models have a vinyl liner to protect the butt of the rod.

Some flush mount rod holders have a swivel feature that permits the rod to rotate under side tension so that the rod tip is always pointed at the fish. This shields the fishing line from abrasion and possible breakage from rubbing against the sides of the rod guides.

Clamp-on rod holders

Clamp-on rod holders are the most versatile of them all. They attach to either a horizontal rail or vertical support, making them suitable for positioning on the stern drawer, the bow pulpit on the tower, the hardtop, or the radar arch.


This unassuming rod holder may not be the most luxurious addition to your boat, but it is highly functional. You can keep your precious fishing rods safe while cruising, make sure your boat's bottom stays neat and tidy, or even use it as a hands-free trolling solution while bait fishing. A rod holder is sure to make your next boating experience more enjoyable and hopefully more effective.

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