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    Boat Hardware & Accessories

    <h2 class="page_heading mb-3 text-1">Exceptional boat hardware for your marine needs</h2> <p>The boat hardware and accessories you need at the lowest discount prices you are likely to find anywhere.</p> <h2 class="page_heading mb-3 text-1">Different types of boat hardware and their uses</h2> <p>Boaters consistently look forward to having a good time on their boat, and unless you are one of the fortunate few, you should make a few upgrades. This includes replacing worn-out accessories as well as installing new boat hardware.</p> <p>To make filling your needs as fast and easily as possible, we've separated everything into 9 specific subcategories, covering things like:</p> <p><a class="cat_title_block" href="">Ladders &amp; Accessories</a> - Our selection of boat ladders includes telescoping ladders, swim ladders, boarding ladders, folding ladders, and under-platform ladders.</p> <p><a class="cat_title_block" href="">Rod Holders &amp; Accessories</a> - Rod holders are the ideal approach to keep your rod far away yet within reach while you row, steer your boat, troll, or set a lure.</p> <p><a class="cat_title_block" href="">Steering Wheels &amp; Accessories</a> - Boat steering wheels come in all shapes and sizes. At Nove Sea you have a wide choice.</p> <p><a class="cat_title_block" href="">Cup and Drink Holders</a> - Sometimes you need to put your beverage down. With our wide choice of stainless steel boat cup and drink holders, you will not need to stress over where to put it.</p> <p><a class="cat_title_block" href="">Cleats</a> - Boat cleats are a fundamental part of docking and mooring your boat. They are utilized to tie ropes during the mooring process and to tie down your boat to the dock.</p> <p><a class="cat_title_block" href="">Handrails</a> - Nove Sea helps you stay on board with a range of stainless steel boat handrails and grab handles.</p> <p><a class="cat_title_block" href="">Anchor Rollers</a> - Boat anchor rollers from Nove Sea are solid and intended to withstand constant exposure to rough seas, enabling you to pick an optimal solution that meets your necessities and suits your boat.</p> <p><a class="cat_title_block" href="">Bollards</a> - The mooring bollard is a post utilized on the boat deck. It is a basic and inexpensive way to meet mooring requirements and safely secure boats in harbors.</p> <p><a class="cat_title_block" href="">Other Boat Accessories</a> - A range of high-quality boat accessories from Nove Sea. Flag poles, vents, thru-hulls, hinges, hatch adjusters, and much more!</p> <h2 class="page_heading mb-3 text-1">Customer service</h2> <p>Our highly trained experts are able to offer our customers top-notch service &amp; quick solutions. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us at <strong><a href=""></a></strong>.</p>
8-1/4" (209.6mm) overall length, each ring: 4-1/8" (104.8mm) od, 3-1/2" (88.9mm) id. 8" (203.2mm) stud centers, 2-4/5" (71mm) height Made of polished 316 stainless steel. Flanged base for nicer fit and added strength.